DNAPL Investigation and Sampling

DNAPL Investigation and Sampling

Oklahoma City, Oklahomadnapl investigation and sampling

StanTech conducted the required site characterization and related work for a suspected release of perchloroethylene under an ODEQ Voluntary Cleanup Consent Order.  StanTech coordinated with the client, legal counsel, and the regulatory agency to draft a work plan for sampling of site soils and groundwater, including appropriate quality assurance/quality control protocols.  StanTech acquired data and completed the Initial Site Characterization Report to satisfy ODEQ requirements.

The Project Technical Work Scope included the following tasks:

  • Selection and management of project subcontractors for drilling, analytical, and surveying services
  • Implementation of quality control procedures
  • Tracking of work progress against planned budgets and schedules
  • Development and implementation of a Health and Safety Plan per 29 CFR 1910.120
  • Development and implementation of a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)
  • Collection of soil cores for lithologic description to characterize stratigraphic barriers and hydrology
  • Construction of a decontamination station for containment of equipment decontamination fluids
  • Segregation and containment of drill cuttings
  • Chemical analyses for soil samples, as appropriate
  • Completion of groundwater monitoring wells in accordance with OWRB requirements
  • Surveying of well locations, gauging of wells for measurement of water levels and presence of NAPL
  • Mapping of groundwater potentiometric surface
  • Development of monitoring wells by surging and bailing
  • Micro-purging and sampling of monitoring wells for groundwater contaminant analysis
  • QC samples (trip blanks, equipment blanks, and field duplicate samples), as specified by the Project QAPP
  • Delineation and mapping of dissolved-phase contaminant concentrations
  • Sampling of waste for disposal characterization, profiling of waste, and coordination with the client’s ODEQ-approved disposal facility

Consultation with client’s legal counsel and ODEQ personnel continues, as appropriate.

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