Former Smelter / Field Support

Field Support Services for Former Metals Smelter Site
Blackwell, OklahomaFormer Smelter / Field Support

StanTech has provided a variety of field support services to the client since 2002.  StanTech continues to provide field support services to the client, as needed.

StanTech services provided to the client include the following:

  • Coordinated and conducted groundwater gauging and monitoring.
  • Coordinated and conducted groundwater monitoring well repairs.
  • Coordinated, managed, supervised, and conducted numerous drilling, coring, and sampling activities for contaminant delineation.
    • Coordinated utility locates with property owners, utility companies, and municipality.
    • Prepared site-specific health and safety plan.
    • Coordinated with drillers.
    • Supervised direct push and auger drilling.
    • Logged soil lithology.
    • Coordinated and shipped rock cores.
    • Supervised groundwater monitoring well installation.
    • Conducted groundwater monitoring well development and sampling.
  • Coordinated with client and client’s waste transport and disposal contractors.
  • Conducted groundwater sampling for bench scale testing.
  • Installed transducers and downloaded data.
  • Conducted pilot test sampling.
  • Managed and conducted quarterly surface water sampling.
  • Coordinated access.
  • Managed and coordinated door-to-door domestic water well survey.
  • Coordinated with client and city personnel.
  • Supervised domestic water well plugging.

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