Oil & Gas Properties / Various Projects

Limited Phase I Assessment/NORM Survey/Asbestos Abatement
Former Natural Gas Compressor Station – North-Central Oklahoma – Major Energy Company

StanTech provides investigation and remediation services to Oil and Gas Exploration and Production companies.  These services include regulatory liaison, evaluation of released oil/condensate and/or produced water, efficient remediation, landowner liaison (as directed), legal support (as requested), compliance, and reporting.

Subsurface Investigation/Remediation
Former Natural Gas Plant – Western Oklahoma – Major Energy Company
Oil & Gas Properties / Various Projects

StanTech conducted a subsurface investigation at a former natural gas plant to identify potential petroleum hydrocarbon impact to soils and to determine the vertical and lateral extent of any noted impact.  The scope of the investigation included the collection of approximately 20 soil samples for laboratory analyses and characterization, and trenching of soils near concrete slabs which were believed to have housed equipment which utilized lubricating oils.  StanTech excavated soils that were visibly impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons, and analyzed the waste.  The backhoe was utilized near concrete slab areas to investigate possible vertical and lateral extent of any noted impact.

Waste Analysis and Handling Procedures for
Field Offices – Numerous Oklahoma Locations – Major Energy Company

StanTech evaluated and reported findings for thousands of residual waste materials located at over 15 energy company field offices located throughout Oklahoma.  The work scope completed by StanTech included project management, site visits, waste sampling and analyses, and reporting.  StanTech worked closely with corporate and field office personnel.  Additionally, StanTech documented corporate waste handling procedures for numerous waste streams generated by energy company operations.

Environmental Records Management
Petroleum Products Refinery – OklahomaOil & Gas Properties / Various Projects

StanTech implemented a corporate-directed Environmental Records Management Program at a petroleum product refinery, which required proper analysis and interpretation of Air, Solid Waste, Wastewater, and Emergency Response/Safety documents.  StanTech also provided one-on-one training to Environmental and Safety Department personnel for implementation of the corporate records management program at multiple refineries located throughout the United States.

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