PST Site / Remediation

Excavation/Disposal of Free Product and Petroleum Hydrocarbon-Impacted Soils
Sapulpa, OklahomaPST Site / Remediation

StanTech was hired by the client to remediate a former underground storage tank site and three adjacent properties that had been impacted by a subsurface release of gasoline. Under the authority of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC), excavation was chosen as the method of remediation for the site.  Portions of four properties were included within the excavation area.  A total of approximately 15,000 cubic yards of impacted soil were excavated for off-site disposal.  StanTech managed and supervised all field activities, including pre-excavation preparation, demolition, excavation, sampling, backfilling, compaction testing, off-site disposal, and construction activities.  Completion of the excavation required close coordination with the client, the OCC, adjacent property owners, utility companies, the City of Sapulpa, State officials, and numerous subcontractors.

Major activities completed by StanTech for the remediation project included:

  • Drilling, well installation, and sampling to delineate impact and determine remediation area
  • Evaluation of various remedial technologies and preparation of the Remediation Selection Proposal (OCC Report 3-77A) and Remediation Plan Proposal (OCC Report 3-77B)
  • Preparation of bid specifications for contractor selection
  • Preparation of site-specific health and safety plan
  • Organic vapor air monitoring (safety monitoring) during excavation activities
  • Implementation of measures to ensure safety to adjacent operating retail food business
  • Coordination with the local Fire Department in mitigation of fires generated during excavation by sparking of product-containing bedrock
  • Coordination and supervision of the demolition of two residential structures and appurtenances
  • Preparation of pre-demolition asbestos NESHAP notifications for approval by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
  • Demolition permitting through the City of Sapulpa
  • Coordination/supervision of the plugging and abandonment of 19 groundwater monitoring wells
  • Preparation of an Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) water well plugging variance
  • Excavation of approximately 15,000 cubic yards of petroleum-impacted soils
  • Backfilling and compaction of approximately 15,000 cubic yards of imported fill material
  • Rerouting and installation of utility service lines for two individual commercial properties
  • Coordination and oversight of pavement resurfacing for large portions of the excavation area
  • Removal and reinstallation of a canopy at an adjacent commercial property, and fencing installation
  • Management of impacted groundwater that entered the excavation
  • Waste characterization and coordination with client’s waste disposal firm
  • Preparation of an excavation report summarizing all field activities

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