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Remediation System Design/Installation/Operation and Maintenance
Petroleum Hydrocarbon Release Sites – Various LocationsPST Sites / Representative Services

StanTech has conducted hundreds of subsurface investigations and completed many remediation projects associated with releases of petroleum hydrocarbons from petroleum storage tanks.  StanTech designed and installed numerous remediation systems including soil vapor extraction; air sparging; groundwater production, containment, and treatment; and dual-phase extraction (eductor) technologies.  StanTech operated and maintained these systems until regulatory soil and/or groundwater cleanup levels were achieved.  Remedial system operation and maintenance activities included operation and maintenance of groundwater monitoring wells, trenches, pumps, blowers, piping, air strippers, vapor recovery units, electrical controls, and remote systems monitoring devices.

Subsurface Investigation/Remediation/Environmental Consulting
Petroleum Hydrocarbon Release Sites – Various Locations – Major Oil Company Clients

StanTech has managed numerous petroleum storage tank release projects for major oil companies including Texaco, Mobil, Sinclair, Kerr-McGee, Kwik Shop, Fina, Total Petroleum, and Valero.  StanTech served as regulatory liaison and provided environmental consulting and support services, including tank and line removals, release reporting, subsurface investigation of soil and groundwater impact, remedial systems operation and maintenance, groundwater monitoring, risk-based assessment, indoor organic vapor investigation and mitigation, correspondence with adjacent land owners and legal counsel, Indemnity Fund reimbursement consulting, and site closure/decommissioning activities.

Subsurface Investigation/Remediation/Decommissioning
Petroleum Hydrocarbon Release Site – Midwest City, Oklahoma

StanTech conducted an investigation of soil and groundwater impact from a release of petroleum hydrocarbons, and completed a risk-based evaluation of the facility.  StanTech maintained and operated a groundwater/air sparge/soil vapor extraction remediation system until cleanup levels were achieved, at which time the site was closed.  StanTech subsequently managed and supervised decommissioning of the remediation system that encompassed several commercial properties.  Decommissioning activities included plugging and abandonment of 14 monitoring wells, 9 groundwater recovery/vapor extraction wells, and 3 air sparge wells; resurfacing of portions of Midwest City streets; removal of all subsurface and surface remediation equipment and piping; removal of 15 concrete vaults from the subsurface; surface restoration; associated debris disposal; and close coordination with the regulatory agency and municipal agencies.

Emergency Response/Subsurface Investigation/Site Closure
Petroleum Hydrocarbon Release Site – Fort Sill, Oklahoma

StanTech provided assistance in containment/emergency response efforts resulting from an AST fuel spill at a bulk storage facility located on the Army Base in Fort Sill, OK.  Additional services provided by StanTech included investigation of soil and groundwater impact from the release; completion of a risk-based evaluation and report; LNAPL recovery; coordination with Base environmental personnel, regulatory agencies, and Army Corps of Engineers personnel; and site closure.

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