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The client hired StanTech in 2003 to provide regulatory and technical assistance on numerous projects related to wastewater discharges regulated under the facility’s Oklahoma Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (OPDES) permit and other OPDES-related activities.  StanTech continues to provide OPDES consulting services for this client.  Tasks completed include the following:

Use Attainability Analysis (UAA)

A Use Attainability Analysis (UAA) was conducted by StanTech to investigate beneficial uses of an alternative surface water body for discharge of facility wastewater.   StanTech worked closely with the client and the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) during the process.  The fluvial geomorphic assessment conducted by StanTech included field reconnaissance and GPS mapping of the stream from the point of origin to the tributary discharge point.  A Fluvial Geomorphic Assessment Report was prepared by StanTech summarizing findings of the assessment.  After findings of the geomorphic assessment and the UAA were presented to the OWRB during a public presentation, the UAA was approved by the OWRB.

Maintenance and Operations Plan (MOP) for Surface Impoundments

StanTech prepared the Maintenance and Operations Plan (MOP) for the wastewater and storm water surface impoundments regulated under the OPDES permit for the facility.  The MOP prepared by StanTech addresses topics such as individual surface impoundments, operational activities, and runoff/drainage patterns; maintenance procedures related to the surface impoundments at the facility; operational procedures used to protect surface impoundment and liner integrity; procedures for notification of the DEQ in the event of a spill or bypass; scope and frequency of monitoring activities; schedule for required improvements for surface impoundments; and contingency plans.

Field Support Services Associated with Surface Impoundments

StanTech was hired by the client to measure wastewater and storm water surface impoundment depths, sediment thicknesses, water levels, etc., and to calculate volumetric capacities of the holding ponds.  The data will be used by the facility to identify and facilitate upgrades required for the surface impoundments under the OPDES permit.

Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs)

StanTech provides an on-site person one or two days a week to assist facility personnel with numerous wastewater monitoring and reporting tasks.  On a monthly basis, StanTech tabulates wastewater and storm water discharge monitoring data including laboratory analytical results, flow rates, and water quality parameters for six (6) outfalls regulated under the facility OPDES permit. StanTech created monitoring report spreadsheets which allow for electronic entry of the wastewater treatment system monitoring data.  Monthly Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) are also prepared for submittal to State and local regulatory agencies, and various charts and graphs for water quality parameters are prepared for monitoring of facility wastewater treatment processes.

Storm Water Permitting

StanTech coordinates storm water permitting activities required for certain closure and construction projects at the facility. Additionally, StanTech provides field support personnel for installation, inspection, and maintenance of required erosion/sediment control measures.

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