Site Assessments / NEPA Evaluations

Site Assessments and NEPA Evaluations
Multiple Sites in OK, AR, KS, and TXSite Assessments and NEPA Evaluations

StanTech  performed over  200  Site  Assessments  per  ASTM     E-1527 and E-1528, and NEPA evaluations for numerous clients constructing cellular towers in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Kansas as required by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules implementing the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 (Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1, Subpart I, rule sections 1.1301 to 1.1319).

The Site Assessment work scope included:

  • Research of the history of the site including current and prior owners, land use, and environmental incidents
  • Visit of the site and documentation of surface conditions and physical characteristics such as buildings, drains, tanks, oil and gas wells, electrical transformers, visible spills, and the general appearance of the property
  • Per ASTM 1527-00, a review of the following record sources:
    • Federal National Priority List (NPL) within approximately 1 mile
    • Federal CERCLIS list within approximately ½ mile
    • Federal CERCLIS NFRAP site list for the property and adjoining properties
    • Federal RCRA CORRACTS facilities list within approximately 1 mile
    • Federal RCRA non-CORRACTS TSD facilities list within approximately ½ mile
    • Federal RCRA Generators list for the property and adjoining properties
    • Federal ERNS list for the subject property only
    • State equivalent NPL within approximately 1 mile
    • State equivalent CERCLIS within approximately ½ mile
    • State Landfill and/or Solid Waste Disposal sites lists within approximately ½ mile
    • State Leaking UST list within a ½ mile radius of the subject property
    • State Registered UST list for the property and adjoining properties
  • Interview(s) with the current owners/operators or other available individuals to attempt to determine present/past operational practices that may have contributed to the present environmental condition of the site back to initial development or 1940 (whichever was earlier)
  • Review of reasonably-ascertainable standard historical information sources such as historic aerial photographs and historical topographic maps to determine land use patterns, structures, existence of ponds, and areas of potentially-stressed vegetation from the present until 1940, and prior to 1940, until a time that the property appeared to be undeveloped
  • Contact with the local fire department that serves the property regarding environmental concerns identified on the subject property
  • Documentation and reporting of investigation results

The NEPA work scope included:

  • Completion of a NEPA evaluation and reporting of findings regarding:
    • Wilderness and Wildlife Preserve Areas/Endangered Species
    • Historical/Archeological Sites
    • Indian Religious Sites
    • Flood Plains/Wetlands
    • High Intensity White Lights in Residential Neighborhoods
    • Excessive Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure

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